So I have spent a couple nights outside this last week. Its scary and chilly. I was lucky to be advised to go to Cambridge, in Harvard Square If I don’t get a bed or if I want to enjoy more freedom in my day. People who “live” here keep an eye on each other, the people who work in the Square seem nice as well, students care too. I see a lot of the things Mark Horvath (Twitter @hardlynormal) has said that can be negative, the feedings and such.

The first night I wasn’t as prepared for the cold as I had thought, so this night I brought my sleeping bag, next time I will nix the hard case carry-on for something soft.

Its 515am and in about an hour or so I will head back to South Boston, maybe eat breakfast at Women’s Lunch Place . Or wait longer, doze off in the T station where its warm and then head to Rosie’s Place to get a shower in at 8am… maybe doze off in my storage unit for an hour….


So on the housing front, I was put back on the priority waiting list and told it could be 2 or so months to get housing…. Yay me!

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