My Brother

I don’t know really where to start…

He took care of me when we were real young after our parents divorced. We didn’t have an ideal childhood, but who has. We are really what our parents make of us, if they screwed up than we might just be screwed too. That’s where mentors and friends come in. If they also screwed up, well fuck….

Mike didn’t have to do much of anything to get in trouble, he was boy and sometimes at the wrong place at the wrong time, or doing the crime. It got worse as he grew older, if he was with a certain crowd the police didn’t like they trailed them, until they could do something legally to get them. So yeah he had minor run ins with the law that is typical of small town foolery. As a legal adult it got more serious, drugs and alcohol. He got busted along with a long list of friends and acquaintances for possession with intent to sell marijuana. He spent 90 days in jail. He played it careful after that for some time. In fact the police fucked up in more cases than my brother or his friends did.

My brother did well for himself up until after 2002 when much of what he had saved was lost after 9/11, his 401k. He’d never really had many if any corporate jobs, always on his own or working through friends in construction. I knew he did drugs, pot, maybe some other stuff, steroids, bleh. He had his share of girlfriends, most I feel were too manipulative or immature. So was Mike in many ways, wasn’t always faithful and was shallow. Party, party, party, was his life. He organised some underground parties with well known DJ’s from all over the East Coast. Made some money on that, lost a lot. It was 2003-2005 that things changed in his life is crazy fast bad and good ways. He got shot being in the wrong town at night. His best friend died from no known cause. He started dating a girl he put off. He became addicted to Oxycodone and was fooling with heroin. He became a dad in 2005. He sought treatment for his addiction so he could be a better dad.

I don’t know everything he has don’t but he hasn’t given up on being a dad.

He was there when mom got her double lung transplant in 2008 and some time after, before going back east to find work…. Be a dad… Mend thing with on again off again mother of his daughter. They came to Arizona September 2009 as a family for a visit. I hadn’t seen my niece in 3 years… It was a good visit for mom….

Mike still sought treatment, he was in and out of homelessness. He was busy dealing with that when things took a turn with mom. I begged him to come out as a family to see mom, to help me. He came alone since he was out of work again as of April 2011. When mom passed away on June 26, 2011 he changed, he was more angry, at mom’s side of the family for their ignorance and hate, the lies mom lived off of through that family just made him so mad. How the family seemed to be so put out with mom dying and having a service for her, and their callousness in how they treated us. No money for us to strike it out on our own after much sacrifice.

He did what he could, I made many attempts to get him to come down to Boston for drug treatments and work. He fought it like always, assuming he knew best…

Now he is behind bars for drugs and criminal threatening… I am trying to go visit him in jail, need some money for a Commuter rail pass and timing for my uncle to be on the visitor list and releasing Mike Debit Card so I can get him set up with phone privileges and with the commissary. sigh…. Bail is something like $5k…He is better staying in jail and getting time served….. anyways… That just the tip of what is my brother…

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