I have to talk about it…

My own belief that I didn’t belong in a shelter put me in danger one night. I posted on craigslist looking for a place to stay. I trusted a stranger, bad move. For one he lived far away in Burlington and I wanted to stay in Boston so I can get on the bus or walk a mile to the T. He treated me like I was someone who could be dangerous. When we got to his place he insisted on making me a tea and tried to get me to sleep in his bed. I stood my ground and said no there is a free couch available. Good thing I did that. It seems he may have drugged me and I could have been raped. I mean the tea tasted gross and I barely could drink it, he kept pushing it on me. I woke in the middle of the night feeling like lead. I had a job interview to go to in the morning and instead of going right to the hospital even though I was still feeling funky I waited. I did go to the ER, nothing came up, they said it could be I waited to long or I was given something they can’t test since he was from Uganda.Or it could have been a bad reaction. it tasted soooo bitter, not like lemon tea.

It was a week before I told anyone else what had happened. I went back to the shelter. Now you know.

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