drawing a blank..

i have sorely neglected this blog not becaues i qanted to, just didnt know what to talk about. this was started and titled based on my homeless state, but now i’m housed what do I say ot talk about?
The transition to houssed has its issues, depnding on how long you were homeless.
i had my gaurd up and was in survival mode while homeless, now i can see my anxiety is more pronounced. i’ve had episodes where i dont leave my room for days or stay within a few blocks of my building.
i’ve been a city girl at heart for such a long time, but maybe i’m over that, or maybe the bombings last year ruined it for me. I was a few blocks from where it happened and was planning on stapping at Copley instead got of at Haynes o go to b.good burger for a free milkshake. it was as i was leaving the T that the bombs went off. i was luckly staying at Rosie’s Place so when we got put in lockdown, i was in a safe and relatively comfortable place.

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  1. I will soon be homeless, I was for months, but a guy gave me a place during the winter, well now due to hardships, I need to get out. Not sure what to do, but I saw your blog while I was looking. There is nothing out there, if you not pregnant of have kids, thank goodness I don’t, or a drug user or abused which I am neither…keep posting, helps us all

  2. If you are the girl who lived the life you write about then you should understand when I say if there’s any way you can help me or talk to me on the phone I have questions thank you
    Currently homeless, beginning to feel hopeless… Email me saravirag974@gmail.com

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