Self Discovery

I have spent a lot of precious time in the therapist chair hashing up old memories and old hurts that still burn today. Because my life was and still is full of instability and turmoil, I skipped stages of growth essential to maturity. I so busy being scared of being discovered as an incest survivor […]

Who Am I?

The Leo in me is always right 😉 my transformation out of invisible to an individual  I want these. What does my future hold for me when I am down and out feeling lost and alone I seek a place within for peace or a place with a quiet serenity. I am literally scared to […]

Boston July 13, 2011 1:30am

… My brother and I arrived in Boston in the early AM of 1:30. No one was there to greet us and take us home, nor was there a room reserved for us to rest in the hotel adjacent the airport. My brother and I collected our luggage and hunkered down in some seats to […]

My last Year in AZ

How did I become homeless and why me? I came to Boston after living in Arizona for 7 years and being fed up with the politics there, I also lost my mom who I took care of for a year. My mother should be alive today, but the fates were conspiring against us when she […]

Am I?

I am horrible at blogging… I don’t always know what to talk about, whether people will read it and care. The question to my mind is this, am I still homeless? Since Dewey Square is no longer home to Occupy Boston I have been staying with friends, first in Somerville, MA now in the Roxbury […]

This how I can do it

The T Passes I want to help the homeless or fixed income with will be weekly $15 ones and $20 Monthly TAP/Senior Passes. I would purchase the passes in bulk as a Stored Value pass which expires in about 1.5 years after purchase and find 3 non-profits to disburse them. There would be enough on […]

Goals This Winter

I still want to do mini documentaries of the homeless in Boston and surrounding cities, maybe go all over the US. I need some help in acquiring all the equipment needed, see my Donate Button, well that’s how you can help. I am not above buying used electronics either, like a flip camera. Besides a […]