Hawaii 2015

So I’ve moved to Hawaii, does that mean I hit it big and rich? Nope. I moved to an EcoVillage to life off grid and have a less damaging effect on the earth and heal myself. I live in Pahoa, HI in the Puna Didtrict which is the poorest part of Hawaii. Tourism comes through […]

drawing a blank..

i have sorely neglected this blog not becaues i qanted to, just didnt know what to talk about. this was started and titled based on my homeless state, but now i’m housed what do I say ot talk about? The transition to houssed has its issues, depnding on how long you were homeless. i had […]

How I am doing..

Its been nearly 5 months since I moved into my room on Beacon Hill. There is much to talk about and cover. It may take more than one post, I know it will… Bear with me as I try to gather my thoughts… Thanks….


So I have spent a couple nights outside this last week. Its scary and chilly. I was lucky to be advised to go to Cambridge, in Harvard Square If I don’t get a bed or if I want to enjoy more freedom in my day. People who “live” here keep an eye on each other, […]

Life Expectency of the Homeless

… in America is between 42 and 52 years. The first full week I was in the shelter a young woman committed suicide. She was just 19 years old, married, but had just recently miscarried twins in the 5th month. She was set up for early death. Her husband was in jail down the street, […]

not housed

As of June 24, 2012 I am homeless again. Wore out my welcome. Had anxiety attack yesterday, being broke limits mobility a ton. Some man at Long Island Shelter gave me a bunch of $2 passes as Tpass rates go up today and my monthly pass expired last night. I get money on the 4th […]

My Brother

I don’t know really where to start… He took care of me when we were real young after our parents divorced. We didn’t have an ideal childhood, but who has. We are really what our parents make of us, if they screwed up than we might just be screwed too. That’s where mentors and friends […]

I have to talk about it…

My own belief that I didn’t belong in a shelter put me in danger one night. I posted on craigslist looking for a place to stay. I trusted a stranger, bad move. For one he lived far away in Burlington and I wanted to stay in Boston so I can get on the bus or […]